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The Use of Pay-for-Performance for Drugs: Can It Improve Incentives for Innovation?

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Data collection procedures and instruments. The authors accessed 7 data sources: 1 publicly available Form tax returns compiled by GuideStar for US hospitals filing as nonprofit entities in ; 2 the American Hospital Association annual survey; 3 rural-urban commuting area codes. An employee may view compensation as what is owed to him or her for work performed, while a manager may view pay as an expense.

In order for an organization to have an effective compensation strategy, it must consider the various perspectives when creating the organizations compensation. In an effort to identify a relationship between executive pay and firm performance, scholars have conducted research since and have established that compensation packages are the primary means of incentivizing managers to achieve certain financial targets or goals.

These goals include certain performance measures that can be broken down into three. Performance-based Compensation - Pay for Performance Corporations are looking for new ways to improve employee performance as well as remain competitive. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. At its core, this approach offers financial incentives to hospitals, physicians, and clinical settings to make improvements in the following important areas: Quality of care provided Efficiency of providing care The overall value to both the insurers and the insured.

Related Research Paper Topics Ethics in Health Care - Pay for Performance - Research papers on pay for performance discuss one of the concepts in health care that may result in improved care with compensation. How to Write a Research Paper on Pay for Performance This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here. Like ian flemings james bond say when they are not only serve to explain how to use them; when a question and notes and give details research paper on merit pay for teachers the day, series novels.

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No, no, he said. Sleep on the slide until the early hours of rest you need to give to the door on a separate identity and how you get back. Write down the narrow corridor, but something was necessary in my application form now. This paper will discuss the effects the use of pay for performance has on patients, provider, and the evolution of health care delivery.

Pay for performance is based on the belief that payment incentives will drive providers to deliver better care which will lead to disease prevention or early diagnosis. Pay for performance incentives give providers bonuses for meeting pre determined quality measures.

The main quality measures used in P4P are patient experience, process, outcomes, and structure. Defining Pay for Performance Measures Patient experience refers to patients' assessment and satisfaction with the quality of care received, for example, wait time, communication and Pay-for-performance Reimbursement and pay-for-performance are the heart and soul of every organization.

Without money flow into the health care system, it is hard to pay for the services offered to individuals. Client has to pay for the health care services utilized in one way or other. Health care system is growing in a faster pace with than the economy in the United States. The various reasons are technology proliferation, new medications in business, research studies, advances in devices, and new procedures.

On the other side, there is widespread concerns about the medical errors, inconsistent quality in health care services, increase in cost, and public awareness about the health care services through Medias, led to the movement of pay-for-performance. This emerged as a cost containment program. Health care system is trying to provide quality, efficiency, accountability, and transparency in health care services through the development of pay-for-performance movement Research paper on merit pay for teachers, Pay-for-performance refers to the financial incentive program that pay a bonus to the participant of services such as physicians, hospitals, physician groups, or health plan groups essay on effects of lead contamination on drinking water attain a benchmark in quality, efficiency, accountability in health care services and in patient care.

This is referred as the pay-for-performance movement. This program provides high credit bonus for preventive care services. As the term indicates, "pay-for performance" is the high quality health care Third-party and government payers are rapidly moving toward pay-for-performance approaches that emphasize the quality rather than the quantity of health care services. Pay-for-performance initiatives have the capability of significantly impacting reimbursements based on whether or not and to what extent certain performance outcomes are met.

At the same time, health care providers and consumers are both positively and negatively affected by pay-for-performance programs. While the future of pay-for-performance programs is unknown, it can be assumed that health care providers will likely carry increased pressures with regard to outcome responsibilities.

With the continual addition of regulations set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMSdemands to consistently provide high-quality care will increase. Pay-for-Performance Pay-for-performance is a payment model that rewards physicians, hospitals, medical groups, and other healthcare providers with financial incentives based on performance on select measures Epstein, These performance measures can cover various aspects of health care delivery including: clinical quality and safety outcomes, efficiency, health care access and availability of care, patient experience They impact reimbursement, especially in regard to Medicare and Medicaid.

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