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Lastly, and not to be ignored, the president had a vision of the future of the U. He held that correct information about the Native Americans was important in building a peaceful environment for the existence of both peoples. Thus, he instructed the explorers to study almost every aspect of the Indian life, such as their languages, traditions, livelihoods, illnesses, and behaviors.

Even though the exploration was not the first in the area, the voyagers failed to attain their most important goal of discovering a water link passing across the continent. However, the importance of the mission can be measured in some other ways. First, one of the great contributions of the journey was in the area of geography and mapping Ronda, Looking for a paper on United States?

Let's see if we can help you! Americans now had an improved perception of the geography of the Northwest area. During the voyage, the explorers produced about one hundred and forty accurate maps of the northwestern United States. They also said in their report to President Jefferson that an easy water link across the continent was not present.

Second, the expedition brought a lot of knew information concerning the natural resources that were existing in the Northwestern America. During the two-year voyage, Lewis and Clark documented different species of animals and plants, landscapes, rivers, and native cultures, which had never been done before.

Louis innearly two and half years after they had set out on the Missouri River. Lewis's letter gave Jefferson his first glimpse of America beyond the Great Plains. Lewis and clark papers began modestly: "In obedience to your orders we have penitrated the Continent of North America to the Pacific Ocean.

But then Lewis delivered the bad news: The long and arduous trip had been made without the aid of a direct water route. They had not found the legendary Northwest Passage.

Lewis and clark papers

Lewis had followed the Missouri to its source. Jefferson lewis and clark research paper have immediately recognized that this contradicted the theory of symmetrical geography, which had been widely accepted since the early eighteenth century and had informed his own theories. The Rockies did not mirror the eastern Appalachian chain. Lewis had to admit that his route did not offer a truly viable shortcut to the East Indies and China, but he did maintain that his party had found "the most practicable rout" across the continent.

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Lewis and clark research paper

Yellepitt gave clark expedition the papers.Our library contains thousands of carefully selected free research papers and essays. No matter the topic you're researching, chances are we have it covered.

Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. American history is accompanied by a long list of explorers who first discovered and who explored the massive continent.

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All of the explorers had an impact on the development of America. Our writers are from respected universities. What is Paper-Research? May A sudden storm tips a pirogue boat and many items, such as supplies and the Corps' journals, spill over into the river. Sacagawea calmly recovers most of the items; Clark later credits her with quick thinking.

April Entered present day state of Montana. May 5: Lewis and a hunter killed first grizzly bear. May 8: Milk river. Called because of its milky white appearance. Natives called it "a river which scolds all others". June Marias River to the Great Falls. June 3: The mouth of the Marias River is reached.

Camp Deposit is established. Cached blacksmith bellows and tools, bear skins, axes, auger, files, two kegs of parched corn, two kegs of pork, a keg of salt, chisels, tin cups, two rifles, beaver traps.

Twenty-four lb of powder in lead kegs in separate caches. Hid red pirogue. Natives did not tell them of this river. Unable to immediately determine which river is the Missouri, a scouting party is sent to explore each branch, North fork MariasSouth fork Missouri. Gass and two others go up south fork. Pryor and two others go up north fork. Can't decide which river is Missouri. Clark, Gass, Shannon, York and Fields brothers go up south fork. Most men in expedition believe north fork is the Missouri.

Lewis and Clark believe south fork is Lewis and clark thesis and followed that fork. June Scouting ahead of the expedition, Lewis and four companions sight the Great Falls of the Missouri Riverconfirming that they were heading in the right direction. Lewis writes when lewis and clark papers discovers the Great Falls of the Missouri.

Lewis shoots a bison. While he is watching the bison die, a grizzly bear sneaks up on him and chases him into river. June 21 - July 2: A portage of boats and equipment is made around the falls. June: Clark was the first white man to see falls from south side of river. As Clark was surveying route he discovered a giant fountain Giant Springs. June 22 - July 9: Construction of iron framed boat used to replace pirogues. It was floated on July 9 but leaked after a rain storm.

The boat failed and was dismantled and cached July July Established canoe camp to construct 2 new dugout canoes to replace failed iron frame boat. July 15 - August 8: Great Falls to the Shoshone. The expedition is They pass Beaverhead Rock.

August 1: Captain Clark's 35th birthday. August Captain Lewis sights 50 cent i do my homework native American since Ft.

August A council meets with the Shoshone, during which Sacagawea learns the fate of her family and reveals that Cameahwait is her brother. Lewis and Clark successfully negotiate for horses for passage over the Rocky Mountains. They buy 29 horses for packing or eating with uniforms, rifles, powder, balls, and a pistol. They also hire Shoshone guide Old Toby. August Captain Lewis's 31st birthday. In his journal, he scolds himself for being "indolent", or lazy, and vows to spend the rest of his life helping people.

They thereby leave the newly purchased United States territory into disputed Oregon Country. September 1 - October 6: Crossing the Bitterroot Mountains. September Crossed Lolo Trail starving, ate horses, candles, and portable soup. October Met Nez Perce tribe on Clearwater. Left horses, cached goods, built five dugout canoes for trip to ocean. October Clark sees Mount Hoodwhich means they are now back in previously explored territory.

October Camped at the Rock Fortand first met the Chinookan-speaking people of the lower Columbia. November 7: Clark wrote in his journal, "Ocian [ocean] in view! Meriwether Lewis. Lewis turned for assistance and invited the U.

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S soldier and experienced outdoorsman, William Clark, to share command of this legendary expedition. The explorers marched to the unexpected challenges and experiences that laid within the unfamiliar land. Their contributions to the extraordinary expedition provided valuable information regarding the topography and ecology the Louisiana territory had to offer. The Louisiana Purchase was bought from France in Lewis and Clark started their expedition in near St.

The group of explorers called themselves the corps of discovery. In the first winter they were helped by a Shoshone Indian named Sacagawea. With help from a Shoshone woman, Jackasses, they traveled west to the Pacific Coast.

After their two and half year expedition, they had acquired a collection of maps, scientific notations, and stories of native cultures. The Lewis and Clark Expedition provided a better perception of the geography of he Northwest and the production of the first accurate maps of the area.

Thomas Jefferson Vice President during his first term was Aaron Burr, a man who came to conspire against him. To be perfectly honest, your thesis should be your first sentence. It sets the tone for the paper and the object of the paper essay crime be to substantiate your topic -- which is established in your thesis.

Your hook should always be the first sentence in your intro paragraph cuz it grabs the readers attention. Because of this, all of the knowledge of the west had come from French fur trappers and other explorers from other countries. Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to lead a team of explorers to the Pacific Ocean with the goals of mapping and learning about the area, creating relations with the Indians of those parts, and finding an all-water route to the Pacific Ocean.

The expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark was a journey full of bumps and struggles, but it would eventually lead to great opportunities and discoveries for the United Lewis and clark thesis of America. Thomas Jefferson specifically chose Meriwether Lewis to head this journey through the Louisiana Territory.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis had been a captain in the U. When Lewis was in the military he served in a company The inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as the nation's third president marked a turning point in America. While the Federalists were fading as a political force, he was able to complete the Louisiana Purchase and more than double the size of the United States, expanding west and broadening the horizons for the future of the country. InFrance gave up Louisiana to Spain, but the secret Treaty of San Ildefonso, allowed the French to reclaim the area for themselves.

Byafter a confusing Revolutionary period, France once again emerged as a great world power under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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