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Regardless of what you are tasked with, our professional writers are knowledgeable in the most recent trends within society. We are as technologically informed as you; hence, we will always provide spm essay about social issues with essays that fully discuss social justice issues. Below is a list of social issues in America, which students can be asked to write about.

Some of them are categorized under a list of social justice issues. From the list discussed previously, you were able to see variety of social issues affecting Americans.

Of these items, some are grouped among social justice issues that have been experienced over years in America. It is common for students to be tasked with writing about a variety of social justice topics. The typically fail to impress their tutors since the lack the know-how required in crafting good papers.

At Essay4Students. It is wise, thus, to ask for our help essay birthday party you are to attain academic excellence. The social justice issues can be categorized under a list of social policy issues and social awareness issues. One of the most discussed social policy issues is gun violence. The presence of guns in America has been known to trigger violence. Thus, the government has contemplated legislation that would reduce the number of people holding guns to reduce crime and other bad vices.

Selective police brutality is an example of social awareness issues reported in this country. There have been cases of extreme use of force against selective races, some of notable ones being African Americans and Hispanics. Cases have been recently cited on the fatalities caused by the excessive use of force by the police. As discussed, social issues are seen in nearly every societal aspect. When handed an assignment of writing an essay on social issues, you may select a topic that is interesting to you.

The first step in writing a great essay is the topic selection. It is prudent to select a topic that you can easily research on. A community issue- maybe you could choose something environmental, such as littering, or recycling. Or, you could write about violence, teen pregnancy, hunger, homelessness. Once you choose the issue, explain its importance, and how it impacts the community.

Then, you could explain some ways that the problem is being addressed. Then, you could write about any additional ideas you may have that are solutions or remedies to this issue. Explain how this issue will impact your community in the future, and how there is hope to stop the suffering. Good luck, if you have anything written, post it and I can edit it for you :. Thank you very much for your help One more question I am required I believe a three body paragraph or the way you wrote it it's acceptable?

Think about revising the intro paragraph - Instead of putting the subject first, try writing "One of the major problems that essay about social issues community suffers from is homelessness. Also, try researching a fact about homelessness, like let's say there arehomeless people in Los Angeles.

When the conditions for industrial sector are not healthy in the country, the inflow of foreign money to the country is checked causing decline in foreign reserves.

Decline in foreign reserves compel the country to seek loans from the other countries. Owing to fragile economy, FDI is shrinking on account of terrorism and political instability.

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Moreover, tax system in Pakistan is also inefficient and unsatisfactory. Ratio of direct taxes is more than indirect taxes. Tax evasion is common. The rich are reluctant to pay tax, while the poor are paying tax even on the purchase of a match box.

With unhealthy conditions and decline in foreign reserves, the country is destined to face low export and high import. It is also the case with our industrial sector. Due to inconsistent supply of electricity to industrial sector, our industry fails to give required output. Not to speak of surplus production, our industries are not able to meet the national requirement. The production of goods in lesser quantities has affected export from our industrial sector.

This makes our country to import goods, in order to meet the needs of the masses causing inflation. Inflation provides an important insight on the state of the economy and policies that govern it. Stable inflation not only provides impetus for economic growth, but also helps uplift vulnerable strata of society. Pakistan, in recent years has been in the grip of high inflation, which amongst other things has adversely affected the economic health of the country.

Moreover, local people of war-ridden areas are migrating to other areas of Pakistan. Country has seen the largest migration since independence in These people have left their homes, businesses, possessions and property back home. This large influx of people and their rehabilitation is an economic burden for Pakistan. Unemployment is already prevalent and now the question of providing employment to these migrants has also become a serious concern.

This portion of population is contributing nothing worthwhile to the national income yet they have to be benefited from it. This unproductive lot of people is a growing economic problem of Pakistan.

Last but not least, lack of tourism is also a cause of the declining in economy. Northern areas of Pakistan have been a place of great tourist attraction. The beautiful hills, the lush green valleys, shimmering lakes and flowing waterfalls argument essays about social issues many a tourist from all over the world to Pakistan.

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This contributed to foreign exchange. Tourism Industry was one of the booming industries of Pakistan. Besides attracting foreign exchange, it also provided employment to local people. Also, tourist industry was a source of friendly relations with other countries. Nevertheless, war on terrorism has served as a serious blow to the tourism industry of Pakistan. Local as well as foreign media has projected Pakistan as a dangerous and unsafe country.

Its poor law and order situation has alarmed the tourist and thus Northern areas no more receive many tourists. In addition, there is need to develop critical and creative thinking. There are so many problems in Pakistan.

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There is only one thing that can help Pakistan in solving all the problems that is the self-improvement of each and every Pakistani. All of us should be patriotic, honest, and hardworking.

Everyone should respect the laws of country and obey the laws. Only then we can change our Pakistan's condition. There is a famous saying "God does not change the condition of any country until the people of the country do not improve their selves. Quote: Originally Posted by qamar abbas ranjha bravo Student ID No.

The essay will then provide an overview of what mental illness might be and mean to the sufferer. These ideas will be further considered argument essays about social issues we discuss the role of the media in relation to the public's perception and attitude towards the mental illness and the sufferer.

Sociologists usually consider a social problem to be an "alleged situation that is incompatible with the values of a significant number of people who agree that action is needed to alter the situation" Rubington et al, p4. Nowadayssocial problems are very serious and we should pay more attention to these problems.

As a part of the communitywe should be concerned about social problems. Every day we read the newspaper and get the news from media, almost every day the newspaper and the media reports are about the social problems. All sorts of social problems will appear in our surroundingbut we cannot turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. We need to find ways to solve these social problems so that the society will not be mess order.

Social problems are some conditionset of events or group of persons constitutes a troublesome situation that needs to be changed or improved. Social problems are like time bombwhen it explode, it will be out of control. Social problems let us live in a pressured situation.

Explain the social problems in the end how it affects the growth of our country and the ways of prevent to reduce the social issue. Now, we take a look at what social problems are the most popular. Even though the story is set in the s, many who read it feel as if they can relate to the actions and thoughts of the characters today in modern society.

Who we are We are a group of bookworms and nerds who are extremely good in writing essays of all kinds. Paper writing help eWritingService Free essay help for writers Write for us If you are a smart college student, professional essay writer or just an academic enthusiast, you are welcome to join our friendly team.

Social Issues in the Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is considered an exceptional piece of social argument essays about social issues that takes a look into social issues in American history of the s.Therefore, causing people who are born into undesired social statuses to be more likely to remain at the bottom of the social food chain Better Essays words 2.

Before the midth century signs of social unjust would develop and spread too many countries. Although the technological advancement the revolution brought, allowed humans to no longer be limited to what they can achieve by the land. Now they would be limited to what the machine would allow them to achieve. Powerful Essays words 4. They argue that the way importance of capital budgeting experience and understand health is dependent upon society.

It is also very idealistic and unattainable for most people Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. Poverty is one of the reasons that creates discrimination against females. Social issues like female infanticide, denial of education of girl child, domestic violence, etc. Due to poverty or narrow mind-set girl child is seen to be denied their rights even from their birth.

A poor family thinking girl child is a liability abort them in the womb itself to solve the problem of poverty and later hardships.

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This is one of those social issues that was a common practice in the earlier years and now the government has issued many laws to stop this inhumanity. Social issues regarding women have a comparatively long list to be addressed.

Poverty also leads to denial of education of girl child. This is different from child labour in a way that this focuses fully on the girl child rather than a child. The parents get to the mentality that educating a girl is completely unwanted money wastage as they get married to another man and no good is there for the family. This thinking in unaware families creates one of the most right denial issues among the social issues category.

Social issues like domestic violence also arise due to such unawareness among the people about the importance of women and their rights, which should be solved completely to improve the state of women and children in the society.

The above mentioned social issues are only some of them that are a threat to the nation and decreases the opportunity in developing a better place. There are more to be added in the list like religion discrimination, harmony in the society, etc. All these social issues can only be solved through mutual efforts of the people and the greater schemes introduced by the government. Solutions to Social issues can only be provided by educating and creating awareness among the people about the evil effects of the existing social issues.

Social issues are the issues which affect the larger sections of the society. They have been discussed since ancient times. In fact, these very social issues have been instrumental in bringing upon a change in our society from time to time.

India is a country of different cultures, religions, languages and beliefs. Therefore, within the same country there lie different social issues which differ from region to region, state to state. Social issues in India are not something new. They write cause and effect essay been there since ancient times. For instance, the caste system in India is a social issue which has been there since the earlier times and exists even today.

Similarly, untouchability is another social issue which has been existent in India since older times. Such issues have affected the development of the people as well as society. They are often the cause of hatred among people and lead to conflicts and sometimes even riots. As in any other society, there are some social issues which are prevalent at a given period of time.

India is a no different country. It has its own share of social issues. India is a developing country. Therefore, poverty is a major social issue here. At the time of independence, a large population of India was struggling essay about social issues basic needs such as food shelter and clothing.

Even today, such facilities are lacking in the rural areas of the country. People have to travel long distances in search of potable water. Despite many initiatives by the Government as well as private organisations, still, a large section of the population lives below the poverty line. This hampers the overall development of the country. Illiteracy is among the major social issues which have affected the growth of the country.

However, there are many causes of this social issue. On one hand, it is the lack of education facilities especially in the rural belt which has led to the people being illiterate. On the other hand, it is the reluctance of people to send their children to school has also resulted in a high illiteracy rate in the country. Due to illiteracy and ignorance, the people are not able to avail the facilities provided by the government.

The caste system is another of such social issues which has deep roots in the society. Among all these, the Shudras are considered as the lowest and are looked upon as untouchables in the society.

The upper castes do not allow the lower ones to avail even the basic facilities such as drawing water from the same well. Essays about social issues this has been a cause of hatred and fights among the people. However, with different schemes introduced by the government from time to time, things have started changing. Now, the Shudras are essay about social issues jobs, education and other facilities at par with other citizens of the country.

This relationship culminates into charming association characterized by humor and intense travelling across the region. The two ultimately become lovebirds before getting married after which they decide to embark on farming. When it comes to religion, Voltaire is opposed to the issue of hypocrisy especially when clergy become the perpetrators of this vice.

The author therefore advocates for a society that will embrace freethinking as well as scientific reasoning; he believes in the presence and the existence of God though not in tandem with the write english essay the clergy behave in leading their folks. The level of pretence is widely witnessed in the larger Europe; therefore, this masterpiece is calling for change of the way the clergy executes their duties if not how they lead their lives.

The author brings out the issue of politics and leadership in this satirical book. For instance, Baron is one of the most powerful lords of the time as he has everything around him; running from security to luxuries of any nature that a leader or a political person enjoys. His castle has great walls, windows and gates manned by several dogs, which provide security coupled with grooms who act as his huntsmen Hogan, and Molin The author uses Tartuffe as his key character to bring out the apparent religious hypocrisy whereby Tartuffe comes out as a conman.

The clergymen use their positions and authority to institute evil deals for their benefits. Another aspect of social issues is the seemingly intertwining of family relationships as it stands out throughout the book where the author employs family to bring out this critical theme. Values in the society have been violated, and regrettably this violation comes from the religious groups.

In other cultures however, the exact opposite would be the truth. The wealthier one is, they tend to become thinner. In a study conducted by Cogan, Bhalla and Seta-Dedeh and Rothblum as cited in Matsumoto and Juanguniversity students from Ghana and the United States were asked to complete a questionnaire about their weight, frequency of dieting, social activities, perception of ideal bodies, disordered eating and stereotypes of thin and heavy people.

They found that Ghanians were more ikely to rate larger body sizes as ideals and Americans, especially females were more likely to have dieted. Another factor that effects that affects health is attitudes and beliefs on health by the community. These include definitions of health, attributions about disease casually, treatment compliance, help seeking behaviours and others.

We would speculate then that the acculturation process brought about by modernization in Malaysia has affected the health system positively and in turn contributed to the increased age in life expectancy from to This may include better medical facilities, more programs, that not only reach out to those in urban areas but also to those in rural areas such as awareness campaign, immunization and basic health information, such as effective hand washing.

Even the dissemination of the small piece of information, such as how to effectively wash hands, if applied well, can have visibly major impacts on the reduction of spread of diseases. As I have described in the first few paragraphs, different cultures have different definitions of health.

That being said, it would be logical to think that attributions to disease causality and treatment compliance would also differ from culture to culture. According to Al-Krenawi and Graham as cited in Matsumoto and Juanga study done by Arab Americans found that utilizing mental health services maybe stigmatizing especially for women which could then damage their marriage ability or increase likely hood of separation or divorce.

For this reason, health and medical health is different. Times 3 Apr. Need a different custom essay on Social Issues? Buy a custom essay on Social Issues. Need a custom research paper on Social Issues? Click here to buy a custom term paper. Immigration and Its Effect on the Economy of the U. S The s have brought the largest influx of immigrants into labor force of the United States of any decade in this nation's history. S Immigration is a major problem facing the U.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants argument essays about social issues to this country every year. Impact of Television Violence In Relation To Juvenile Delinquency When children are taught how to tie their shoes, it is because of how their parents showed them.

When children are Imperialism and India Throughout history, many nations have implemented imperialism to enforce their will over others for money, protection and civilization. India was no exception. An Individual's Achievement of Self-Knowledge An important theme is an individual's achievement of self-knowledge as a result of undergoing an ordeal. As Rev. Hale sits through the proceedi Influencing Others in Business Environments Throughout human civilization, the art of selling ideas or products has been a cornerstone of society.

Some people have become masters at As stated in, In Groups We S It was an or Is Euthanasia Immoral?

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