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March Main article: National Electronic Fund Transfer. Main article: Immediate Payment Service. Main article: Bharat Bill Payment System. Reserve Bank of India. Retrieved 24 January E payment essay this research mobile money is defined as a broader term that includes all types of monetary transactions executed via mobile phones.

A wide range of mobile money applications have developed throughout the years. Some major groupings include: Mobile banking which is the use of a mobile phone to remotely access a bank account, primarily for account balance checkup and bill payment services Mobile money transfer remittance is a peer-to-peer application making use of a mobile phone to send money to relatives and friends, primarily across international borders Mobile commerce payment is the use of a mobile phone to make financial transactions for either purchases or sales, remotely or on-site, retrieve promotion information or coupons, and deliver gift items.

Mobile financial services and mobile commerce are not new concepts in the telecom industry. Mobile network operators started exploring the concept of mobile payments in with little success.

Recent advances in handset functionality, chip and mobile network know-hows, and upgrades to point-of-sale infrastructure have however dramatically improved the environment for mobile money solutions, bringing together different industry groups, such as banks and operators. Young, According to an analysis by Ernest and youngthere are five key enablers to successful delivery of mobile money and e payment adoption for that matter as shown by Figure 1 Key enablers driving the delivery of mobile money.

Key enablers driving the delivery of mobile money Ernest and Young identifies the delisted as the main enabler for successful delivery of money: Technology, marketregulation, risk and infrastructure 2. The identified challenges as revealed by previous research works are infrastructure, security, regulatory and legal issues and socio-cultural challenges.

Information security is the practices, procedures as well as technology put in place which ensure that information is protected from alteration or accidental change integrityunauthorized access confidentialityand is readily available availability to authorized users on request. An unsecured e-payment system may not get trust from its users. Trust is very important to ensure acceptance from users. According to Worku,e-payment and e-banking applications represent a security challenge as they highly depend on critical ICT systems that create susceptibilities in financial institutions, businesses and potentially harm clients.

It is vital for banks to understand and address security concerns in order to leverage the potential of ICTs in delivering e-banking applications Worku, A secure electronic financial transaction has to meet the following requirements: 2.

In other words integrity of payment systems means that no money is taken from a user unless he authorizes a payment. In addition, users might require essay bill payment receiving any payment without their explicit consent; this is desirable when users want to avoid uncalled-for bribery. Asokan et al, 2. Some parties involved may wish confidentiality of transactions. Confidentiality as far as this research is concerned is the restriction of the knowledge about various pieces of information e payment essay to a deal; the identity of persons involved, content of items bought, monetary value etc.

Mostly, parties to transactions want to ensure that communications are private Asokan et al, Where parties wants to ensure that the transaction so taken is anonymous or untraceable, the requirement may be to limit this knowledge to certain subsets of the members only Asokan et al, The information so retrieved should also be very reliable to aid in making of decision.

Asokan, et al. Availability demonstrate as the percentage of time that an information system can be used for productive work. Reliability on the one hand is the decision usefulness of the information. The application of these technologies however reduces speed and efficiency which is the hall mark of e-payment system in relation to the manual system of payment.

In this regard a compromise will have to be made between efficiency and security. This is achieved by providing digital certificate for both customer and merchant. The 3D does not require certificate to authenticate Ullah, Proper policies, procedures and suitable Government laws must also be put in place to warrant technologies provide maximum security.

For security to work in the E-payment environment support from Government is very essential. Proper groundwork for electronic payments is a challenge. Electronic payments communication groundwork police discretion summary computer network such as the internet and mobile network used for mobile phone. Additionally, banking activities and processes need to be automated.

A network that links banks and other financial institutions for clearing and payment confirmation is a key requirement for electronic payment systems. In Africa, however, mobile networks and internet are not easily available. According to Worku, low level of internet permeation and poorly developed telecommunication infrastructure obstruct smooth improvement and developments in electronic commerce in Ethiopia. In emerging countries many of the rural areas are unbanked and lack access to critical infrastructure that drives electronic payments.

According to Microfinance Policy Framework for Nigeria,some of the debit cards technologies like Automated Teller Machines ATMs are still seen by many as unreliable for financial transactions as stories told by people suggested that they could lose their money through fraudulent deductions, debits and other lapses for which the technology had been associated with by many over the last few e payment essay.

In a related work, by Mishra, in Nepal, Telecommunication and electricity are not available throughout the country, which adversely impact on the development of electronic-payments. Mishra further reiterated that the development of information and communication technology is a major challenge for e-payments development.

Bank Negara Malaysia, 1. Apple wants to make it so we have one less thing to carry and be more customer friendly. With that being said, Apple Pay has been regarded as a. The most glaring example of this is electronic commerce. Canada is quickly becoming a leader in electronic commerce, through online banking and direct payment purchases.

The coming cashless society presents several opportunities and problems that were not previously available in the paper money world. Canada is now foremost in the world of electronic commerce. I accept. White Paper.

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