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Hemispheric TES was andreas schulz dissertation in a group of 15 patients operated on supratentorial region with possible compromise of the inner capsule. In all cases orbicularis oris, extensor digitorum, abductor of V finger, anterior tibialis and abductor hallucis brevis contralateral to stimulation were recorded.

We used trains of pulses of 50 micro-seconds at Hz. The intensity of the movements induced by hemispheric TES did not interfere with the microsurgical dissection.

We have used In pay for dissertation patients we observed retardation, decreased amplitude or both in any of the region studied. In these patients no neurologic injury was observed. In one patient a sharp decrease and complete absence of motor response was observed.

In this case there was a post-surgical neurologic injury.

Automation Awareness Dissertation Driver Effect Invehicle Reliability Situation Trust

The hemispheric TES have high sensitivity and specificity monitoring the inner capsule in supratentorial neurosurgery. Compliance with results reporting at Clinical Trials. We characterized the proportion of applicable clinical trials with publicly available results and determined independent factors associated with the reporting of results. We used regression models to examine characteristics associated with reporting at 12 months and throughout the 5-year study period.

From all the trials at Clinical Trials. Of these trials, A total of Only Timely reporting was independently associated with factors such as FDA oversight, a later trial phase, and industry funding. Industry-funded trials adhered to legal obligations more often than did trials funded by the NIH or other government or academic. Clinical similarity of the biosimilar ABP compared with adalimumab after single transition: long-term results from a randomized controlled, double-blind, week, phase III trial in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis.

ABPa U. Food and Drug Administration- and European Medicines Agency-approved biosimilar, is highly similar to adalimumab in structure, function and pharmacokinetics.

To demonstrate similarity in efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of ABP vs. Patients were randomized 1 : 1 to receive ABP or adalimumab 40 mg every 2 weeks for 16 weeks. Patients receiving ABP continued; adalimumab patients were rerandomized 1 : 1 to continue adalimumab or undergo a single transition to ABP Key efficacy assessments included percentage PASI improvement from baseline, PASI responders and mean change in affected body surface area from baseline to weeks 16, 32 and Changes from baseline in percentage body surface area affected were similar across groups and time points.

No new safety signals were detected. AEs were balanced between groups. Percentages of patients with binding and neutralizing ADAs were similar across treatments. ABP and adalimumab have similar clinical efficacy, safety and immunogenicity profiles over 52 weeks, including after single transition, in this patient population. Experimental and clinical results ]. In the early stages of osteonecrosis of the femoral head, core decompression by exact drilling into the ischemic areas can reduce pain and achieve reperfusion.

Using computer aided surgery, the precision of the drilling can be improved while simultaneously lowering andrea rottach dissertation exposure time for both staff and patients. We describe the experimental and clinical results of drilling under the guidance of the fluoroscopically-based VectorVision navigation system BrainLAB, Munich, Germany. A total of 70 sawbones were prepared mimicking an essay on hamlet character of the femoral head.

In two experimental models, bone only and obesity, as well as in a clinical setting involving ten patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head, the precision and the duration of radiation exposure were compared between the VectorVision system and conventional drilling.

No target was missed. For both models, there was a statistically significant difference in terms of the precision, the number of drilling corrections as well as the radiation exposure time. The average distance to the desired midpoint of the lesion of both models was 0. In the clinical setting, the reduction of radiation exposure below 1 s for navigation compared to 56 s for the conventional technique as well as of drilling corrections 0.

Computer guided drilling using the fluoroscopically based VectorVision navigation system shows a clearly improved precision with a enormous simultaneous reduction in radiation exposure. It is therefore recommended for clinical routine. Abstract Objectives: Many guidelines and regulations allow children and adolescents to be enrolled in research without the prospect of andrea rottach dissertation benefit when it poses minimal risk. However, few systematic methods exist to determine when research risks are minimal.

This situation has led to significant variation in minimal risk judgments, raising concern that some children are not being adequately protected. This standard defines research risks as minimal when they do not exceed the risks posed by daily life activities or routine examinations.

Methods: This study employed a conceptual and normative analysis, and use of an illustrative example. Results : Different risks are composed of the same basic elements: Type, likelihood, and magnitude of harm. Hence, one can compare the risks andreas kusterer dissertation research and the risks of daily life by comparing the respective basic elements with each other.

The method offers a way of evaluating research procedures that pose the same types of risk as daily life activities, such as the risk of experiencing anxiety, stress, or other psychological harm. We thus illustrate how direct comparative analysis can be applied in practice by using it to evaluate whether the anxiety induced by a respiratory CO2 challenge poses minimal or greater than minimal risks in children and adolescents.

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It thereby offers a method to protect children and adolescents in research, while ensuring that important studies are not blocked because of unwarranted concerns about. While there andreas schulz dissertation evidence in the literature measuring effective clinical teacher characteristics in traditional experiences, little is known of effective characteristics expected from clinical teachers during simulated clinical experiences.

This study examined which clinical teaching behaviors and characteristics are perceived by nursing students'…. Smoking cessation results in a clinical lung cancer screening program. This study assessed smoking cessation and relapse rates among individuals undergoing follow-up low-dose chest computed tomography CT in a clinical CT lung screening program and assessed the influence of initial screening results on smoking behavior. Methods Self-reported smoking status for individuals enrolled in a clinical CT lung screening program undergoing a follow-up CT lung screening exam between 1st February, and 31st March, was retrospectively reviewed and compared to self-reported smoking status using a standardized questionnaire at program entry.

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Point prevalence smoking cessation and relapse rates were calculated across the entire population and compared with exam results. Results A total of 1, individuals underwent a follow-up CT lung screening exam during the study interval. The overall point prevalence smoking cessation and relapse rates were Prior positive screening exam results were not predictive of smoking cessation OR 1. Duration of program enrollment was predictive of smoking cessation OR 0. Conclusions Smoking cessation and relapse rates in a clinical CT lung screening program rates are more favorable than those observed in the general population.

Duration of participation in the screening program correlated with increased smoking cessation rates. The security risk associated with malevolent acts such as those of terrorism are often void of the historical data required for a traditional PRA. Most information available to conduct security risk assessments for these malevolent acts is obtained from subject matter experts as subjective judgements. Qualitative reasoning approaches such as approximate reasoning and evidential reasoning are useful for modeling the predicted risk from information provided by subject matter experts.

Absent from these approaches is a consistent means to compare the security risk assessment results. This paper explores using entropy measures to quantify the information uncertainty associated with conflict and non-specificity in the predicted reasoning results.

The measured quantities of conflict and non-specificity can ultimately be used to compare qualitative reasoning results which are important in triage studies and ultimately resource allocation. Straight forward extensions of andre drews dissertation entropy measures are presented here to quantify the non-specificity and conflict associated with security risk assessment results obtained from qualitative reasoning models.

Clinical studies of a purified timothy pollen extract: desensitization therapy with a purified timothy pollen preparation compared to a crude timothy pollen extract. Results of the tests in vitro and their relation to symptoms and tests in vivo. Perennial desensitization therapy was given during a period of 3. The concentration of total and specific IgE in the treated groups covaried with those in the control group.

Neither a suppression of the seasonal booster effect nor a suppression of IgE synthesis attributable to the treatment was found.

The rise of timothy-specific "blocking' IgG antibodies was more pronounced in the group treated with the purified extract than in the group treated with the crude extract. A significant difference was found only after 3. The amplitude of rise of IgG antibodies correlated significantly with the effect of the treatment as judged by repeated conjunctival titration test. The results suggest that a good Andreas schrenk dissertation response is an indication of successful therapy and that a better IgG response may be achieved with purified allergen extracts.

Among various types of ion species, carbon ions are considered to have the most balanced, optimal woodlands junior homework help ancient egypt in terms of possessing physically and biologically effective dose localization in the body.

This is due to the fact that when compared with photon beams, carbon ion beams offer improved dose distribution, leading to the concentration of the sufficient dose within a target volume while minimizing the dose in the surrounding normal tissues. In addition, carbon ions, being heavier than protons, provide a higher biological effectiveness, which increases with depth, reaching the maximum at the end of the beam's range.

Andrea Rottach Dissertation

This is practically an ideal property from the standpoint of cancer radiotherapy. Clinical studies have been carried out in the world to confirm the efficacy of carbon ions against a variety of tumors as well as to develop effective techniques for delivering an efficient dose to the tumor.

This means that carbon ion radiotherapy has meanwhile achieved for itself a solid place in general practice. This review describes dissertation andreas judt results of carbon ion radiotherapy together with physical, biological and technological aspects of carbon ions. Lung cancer screening may provide a "teachable moment" for promoting smoking cessation.

Self-reported smoking status for individuals enrolled in a clinical CT lung screening program undergoing a follow-up CT lung screening exam between 1st February, and 31st March, was retrospectively reviewed and compared to self-reported smoking status using a standardized questionnaire at program entry. A total of 1, individuals underwent a follow-up CT lung screening exam during the study interval. Smoking cessation and relapse rates in a clinical CT lung screening program rates are more favorable than those observed in the general population.

A positive exam result correlated with reduced. Compliance with mandatory reporting of clinical trial results on Clinical Trials. To examine compliance with mandatory reporting of summary clinical trial results within one year of completion of trial on Clinical Trials. Registry based study of clinical trial summaries.

Selection criteria Studies registered on Clinical Trials. Proportion of trials for which results had been reported. The Clinical Trials. We identified trials as falling within the mandatory reporting rules if they were covered by the FDAAA trials of a drug, device, or biological agent, which have at least one US site, and are of phase II or later and if they investigated a drug that already had approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Most trials subject to mandatory reporting did not report results within a year of completion.

In twelve cases the right hip joint was affected, in the remaining seven cases it was the left side. The retrospective evaluation was carried out only in patients with greater trochanteric pain syndrome caused by independent chronic trochanteric bursitis without the presence of m.

In patients from the followed-up study population, endoscopic trochanteric bursectomy was performed alone or in combination with iliotibial band release. The clinical results were evaluated preoperatively and with a minimum follow-up period of 1 year after the surgery mean 16 months. Moreover, duration of surgery and presence of postoperative complications were assessed. Statistical evaluation of clinical results was carried out andreas sattler dissertation an independent statistician.

The statistical significance was set at 0. When both the evaluated parameters of VAS and WOMAC score were compared in time, a statistically significant improvement p Comparative audit of clinical research in pediatric neurology. Clinical research involves direct observation or data collection on human subjects. This study was conducted to evaluate the profile of pediatric neurology clinical research over a decade. Trends in pediatric neurology clinical research were documented through a systematic comparative review of articles published in selected journals.

Eleven journals five pediatric neurology, three general neurology, three general pediatrics were systematically reviewed for articles involving a majority of human subjects less than 18 years of age for the years and A statistically significant increase in analytic design Trends apparently suggest a more rigorous approach to study design lab report writers best investigation in this field.

Two Network File Servers redundantly save the test results of each urine specimen. When all test results for a specimen are entered into the system, the results are transmitted to the Department's Laboratory Computer System where they are made available to the ordering physician. The Urinalysis Data Management System has proven easy to learn and use. Comparative clinical evaluation of two professional tooth-whitening products. Fifty subjects were divided into two groups and assigned a product to use for 2 weeks.

Change in tooth color was measured by reflectance spectroscopy at the initiation of study, at 1 week, and at 2 weeks into the study. Color change was calculated using the color-difference equation established by the Commission Andreas schulz dissertation de L'Eclairage. At andreas schrenk dissertation termination of the study, the mean color difference deltaE for Colgate Platinum was 4.

Statistical analysis demonstrated that the Colgate product is significantly superior at increasing tooth whiteness, increasing tooth lightness, reducing redness, and reducing yellowness. In this study, no adverse reactions were noted on clinical examination and none were reported by panelists with normal healthy dentition.

In trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis or rhizarthrosisthere is great controversy over the essay about my family technique to choose: simple trapeziectomy, resection-interposition arthroplasty, interposition arthroplasty suspension-or arthroplasty with implant or prosthesis.

These latter 2 are the most used without consensus in the literature on the technique to choose and without sufficient comparative studies. The objective is to compare the 2 techniques most used today: suspension-interposition arthroplasty and arthroplasty with prosthesis.

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